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Younger Bae Convinces Donna to Take a Being pregnant Take a look at by Taking One With Her in This Black Ink Crew Spotlight

by Andrea Wurzburger 1/31/2018 Embedded from media.mtvnservices.com. On this week’s episode of Black Ink...


Embedded from media.mtvnservices.com.

On this week’s episode of Black Ink Crew, Younger Bae is satisfied that Donna’s experiencing a being pregnant glow, so she and Ted purchase her a complete bunch of being pregnant exams. At first she refuses to take them, however with come convincing and a promise from Bae that she’ll take one along with her, she lastly decides to pee on a stick.

And in the long run it’s really Bae who will get an surprising end result. Actually, Donna’s face says all of it:

Watch the clip above to see all of it unfold and be sure to tune in to Black Ink Crew on Wednesdays at 9/8c.