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Thomas Public Relations Chosen as Agency of Record by Alibre

Photos:Karen Thomas, President Thomas pr: Thomas public relations Logos: http://www.tho...


Karen Thomas, President Thomas pr:
Thomas public relations Logos:
Alibre Logo:

a Statement to the Press:

please Contact:
Karen Thomas/Eva Yutani
Thomas public relations
(631) 549-7575


Thomas pr to Promote Alibre 3D Design Solutions –
The World’s Most Affordable, Professional 3D CAD Software

May 10, 2010, Melville, NY -Thomas Public Relations, Inc. the #1 award-winning consumer electronics, high-tech/computer and digital imaging pr firm, announced today that it has been selected as the Agency of Record by Alibre Inc., developer of the world’s most affordable professional 3D CAD solutions.

the award-winning Thomas PRÒ was chosen by Alibre because of its leadership position in public relations for international computer software and hardware companies, with more than 15 year history of successful pr campaigns for ground-breaking companies, such as Olympus,, Kidz Gear, Chlor*Rid, DXG, OWC, NewerTech, Digital Foci, Spymac, Octiv,, Roadmaster, Foveon, Micrografx, Axxis Software, lexar compactflash Media, Intego, Corsair, the Great Kat, and more.

Thomas pr specializes in new product introductions, product placements, trade show pr, press tours, social networking, positioning, and branding. Headquartered in Long Island’s high-tech corridor in Melville, ny, Thomas pr will provide Alibre with a full-scale public relations campaign, including pr at trade shows (such as Maker Fair, held for inventors on May 22-23, 2010 in San Mateo, CA), press releases, review management, branding, social networking and other pr activities.

Thomas pr has worked with Alibre Chairman and ceo, J. Paul Grayson in his other successful companies, including Micrografx, launching the legendary COMDEX charity event, the Micrografx Chili Cook-off, and working with America Most Wanted John Walsh and Ernie Allen on TV press tours for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. In addition, Thomas pr represented Grayson other company, Axxis Software, winning numerous awards for Zagat-Axxis City-Guide, and was later acquired by News Corp.

“We are excited to be working with Alibre ceo Paul Grayson again,” said Karen Thomas, President, Thomas Public Relations, Inc., the winner of the 2009 PRSourceCode Top Tech Communicators Award and pr Rep of the Year 2009, “He’s a graphics visionary with a history for pin-pointing the direction of exciting new technologies and trends.”

For Alibre
Alibre Inc. offers the world’s most affordable complete engineering solutions. Founded in 1997, Richardson, Texas-based Alibre Inc. is led by visionaries who sought to change the landscape of 3D mechanical CAD/CAM software by providing full parametric CAD technology to anyone that needs it, versus only to those in the relatively unique financial position to afford traditionally expensive CAD systems. Alibre now delivers affordable design solutions for more than 50 countries and in more than 15 languages. For more information, see

About Thomas public relations

the award-winning Thomas PRÒ has over 15 years of history ofâ successful pr-campaigns for international companies. Melville, NY-based Thomas pr is well-known for quickly and efficiently achieving ofâ high-level press results for their clients, winning over 500 client awards. The creator of the best-known longest running party list for trade shows, “the Official KarenNet Party-List,” Thomas PR President, Karen Thomas, is winner of the 2009 PRSourceCode Top Tech Communicators Award and pr Rep of the Year 2009, See for more information.

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Jeff Bauman and Record Store Day


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