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Is This the End of Katie Price and Peter Andre?

by Iphodase.com Katie Price (AKA Jordan) and Peter Andre have been on British TV screens and in our lives since they entered the jungle together in...


Katie Price (AKA Jordan) and Peter Andre have been on British TV screens and in our lives since they entered the jungle together in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. The couple had a whirlwind romance in the jungle which was followed by millions of viewers. After leaving the jungle the two tied the knot in a luxury wedding. The pair to this current date have had two kids together.

Their lives are still regularly followed on ITV2 with their show Katie and Peter, which gets broadcast around twice or three times a year. They have been labelled as the best celebrity couple in Britain, so where did it all go wrong?

Katie and Peter have recently announced that they will be separating after almost 5 years together, which has undoubtedly become a shock to all their fans. You could almost see that this type of thing was going to happen though, as their last show saw an explosive argument break out between the two. In some ways I do not personally believe that they will actually split up, you can see that the couple really suit each other and they also have kids together.

Relationships are never easy to leave especially when there are kids involved. As well as that where would Katie and Peter’s career actually go from here? It would surely fade away, it’s a bit like taking away Ant from Dec or vice versa it just would not work.

In my personal opinion I do not think the couple will go through with a full divorce, I mean relationships are all about arguments that’s what makes them so confusing and sweet at the same time. Maybe the couple need to take a bit of time off from airing their show and constantly working with each other, as that will end up causing arguments at one time or another.

Could we possibly see in a few months Katie and Peter the next chapter, Break up and Make up? Who knows? But I feel it would be ridiculous to throw away such a matching relationship, not only that, but they have kids and revenue coming in from both of them appearing on TV and shoots together. It would be a shame if they did let it fall apart as time passes by too fast and their kids will soon get older and they will look back and wish they could of spent more time with them as a couple.

Then on the other hand there are certain people saying this is a sort of publicity stunt? I cannot comment on this as I would not know the truth, but the show that was broadcast on May 5th did see the management say to Peter Andre we need to get your face and name all over the place for the release of the new album, and that is exactly what seems to be happening. So could this be publicity for Peters Album? Or another show? Or is it all true and one of Britain’s favourite couples are finished? Who knows, no doubt we will all find out soon.

Darryl Dawkins and Katie Price


The legendary dunker Darryl Dawkins dies. In addition, British stripper and her mother pick Twin surgery like Katie Price appearance.

Katie Price and Star Wars


British stripper and her mother pick Twin surgery like Katie Price appearance. One should note that the Box Office: “Star Wars: Episode VII” will be set up to fail. As you would expect, Empires Star Wars: Episode VII Subscriber cover features Our Favorite New Character. One should note here is that new Footage “Star Wars,” reveals John Boyega lightsaber in action. By now, you say one day your grandchildren from a time when Chewbacca Crocs did not exist. It should be noted that is your WIRED Star Wars Day Challenge to 116. Therefore, Wal-Mart (WMT) stock on Holiday Layaway program are. Incidentally, Christmas in August: Wal-Mart holiday layaway comes early. And now more intricacies about this incident … VOTD: Kids Birthday Cake transformed Actually Optimus Prime. Anyway this Game Of Thrones Theory just Jon Snow in a Star Wars. One should note that Star Wars Radio productions popping up in the Latest Humble Bundle. Just about The Force Awake Force on Friday, September 4th. What other sensations happening this week? Morning cup Links: Increase of Star Wars hype.

Lucy Liu and Katie Price


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Katie Couric is engaged! Many people were surprised by this news. Diana Nyad: Swimming during the historic “I was sick as a dog.” Apart from this, here’s what to see Diana’s wedding guests. Meet on the way Diana NYAD Historic Swim: ‘The trip was exciting, “3:09. Geekolinks To tell you the truth But Diana NYAD on an epic journey from Cuba to Florida, she says.” Lucky “Many tend to believe that. … Cuba-Florida Power, Diana up to 48 hours in New York swim NYAD For the most part Thanks, Diana Nyad – pays for the detection of perseverance But Fastpitch: Notre Dame Misspelling, Diana Nyads Swim, Rickie Fowler acting debut is confirmed that the wedding bells for Diana! television presenter is engaged at 56 after financier … so to speak, was fifth time Charm for Cuba-Florida swimmer., it is clear from these facts that 5 things to know in Florida on September 3 . experts are convinced that Diana NYAD:… “Follow your dreams” No doubt many celebrities made announcements Weekend However Nyad makes first Cuba-Fla swim without shark cage.