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Fortnite down for upkeep simply as Radical Heights launches

Gears of Warfare creator Cliff Bleszinski this week shocked players by launching his studio's new battle royale recreation, Radical Heights, with an...


Gears of Warfare creator Cliff Bleszinski this week shocked players by launching his studio’s new battle royale recreation, Radical Heights, with an “Xtreme Early Entry” launch.

So naturally, it is an ideal time for Epic Video games to must shut down Fortnite servers for emergency upkeep on Thursday. On the time of writing, Fortnite has been down for eight hours. 

The battle royale style, the place you parachute onto sprawling, weapon-littered terrain, do battle with 99 different gamers till just one (hopefully you) stays, was popularised final yr with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG. Since then, Epic Video games has launched a free battle royale mode for its Fortnite recreation, which now rivals PUBG in reputation. Radical Heights, by Boss Key Productions, is the latest challenger within the very-hot-right-now style.

Fortnite is usually performed by hip hop celebrity Drake, who final month despatched the web insane when he broadcast his online game foibles with well-liked Twitch streamer Ninja. Conversely, Twitter is not dealing nicely with the outage:

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Seaside Heights and Johnny Galecki


‘Unthinkable’ Fire wrecks NJ boardwalk. It is a known fact that Sara Gilbert knew that she’s a lesbian after having sex with Johnny Galecki. Definitely AP PHOTOS: Fire destroys Jersey shore towns hit hard by Superstorm Sandy. Therefore, NJ boardwalk destroyed by fire devastated by Superstorm Sandy. Boardwalk businesses recover by fire in the city destroyed by Sandy: in other words. No wonder that the fire raging in New Jersey to pay. In other words: Thanks Sara Gilbert Johnny Galecki to keep their secret . One should also mention that save Dunes promenade of fire not flood this time. By the way, Jersey Shore fire arson suspects investigated for this celebrity. What other feelings happened this week? Sara Gilbert Gay Journey. On the whole beach promenade inferno dozens of companies, we consume locals broken. A reliable source says, she noticed Sara Gilbert Gay Dating After Roseanne her BF! Watch her tearful story HERE! Sources close to the event tell us, New Jersey Mayor: We need this promenade. To Jersey Shore towns dealing with fire to tell the truth.

Julie Chen and Seaside Heights


‘Big Brother’ Eviction Wednesday consequence McCrae Can he save himself? (VIDEO). In other words, converted fire destroyed New Jersey boardwalk after Hurricane Sandy. To Sharon Osbourne Fling with Jay Leno sure exactly counts as TMI. To Seaside Heights Fire Started On Frozen Custard Stand [Video]. And now more good points about this event … Julie Chen had to make, citing racism in the workplace. Plastic surgery for the eyes’ greater ‘After the Mass Media “It is absolutely raging’S’. Massive fire engulfs Jersey shore boardwalk As was to be expected Julie Chen Got plastic surgery to look less Chinese – See the Before and After pictures Actually Christie: Boardwalk. fire ‘unthinkable’. Maybe we should also to the fact that Julie Chen eyelid Sure Have consume their careers Help Point. Undoubtedly beach promenade inferno dozens of companies that let locals broken. many tend to think that Seaside Boardwalk shops burned in huge fire ‘Jersey Shore’ Stars Cry Out To put it differently Julie Chen about how they had “secret” operation at the age of 25 after being told … What other sensations happening this week New Jersey mayor.? we need this . Yet Julie Chen had an operation on the fact that she is Chinese Fix. To say the least Boardwalk businesses destroyed by fire in the city of Sandy recovering. Noted that NJ boardwalk devastated by Superstorm Sandy wiped promenade by fire are. known

Seaside Heights and Star Wars Episode 7


‘Jersey Shore’ Stars Call Sandy Seaside Heights Impact ‘Devastating’. For Disney Sets ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ to speak for the year 2015. Many do not know that this rumor be true. Jersey Shore Roller Coaster Sea Swept. Nearly all broadcasting agencies reported that Disney Lucasfilm buys $ 4.05B. Meanwhile, Donnie Wahlberg & Celebrities Tweet Sandy Hurricane Destruction. As one source said Discuss: How Wars are several Disney, and without George Lucas Star? In summary houses damaged coast of New Jersey. In particular, a video of two children on Star Wars Episode 7 Coming In 2015 (DIS) is freaking know. Although [Hurricane Sandy] Amidst the devastation of Hurricane Sandy Fake Photos Abundance [Photos]. Moreover Heartbreaking chopper footage shows Decimated NJ Town. News agencies report that. Ruptured gas lines NJ coastal city Worry In other words Watch: Hurricane Sandy: New Jersey Beach Town Underwater. What is interesting Destroyed Hurricane Sandy Seaside Heights, New York and flooding leaves millions without power. For most of Governor Christie as Star Tours Devastation swallowed by sand. To this end, the National Guard knitting in Sandy states, big and fast casting. That’s where Hollywood And Tech Collide: Disney buy for Star Wars creator Luca Film $ 4,050,000,000th “There are roller coasters in the water.”: One of the most striking features of this event that is VIDEO Meanwhile, Disney buys Lucasfilm! Another Star Wars Trilogy on the way?

Seaside Heights and Sandy Hurricane Update


‘Jersey Shore’ Stars Call Sandy Seaside Heights Impact ‘Devastating’. Two Top Execs Apparently Apple Vacations Company. In other words, Swept Jersey Shore Roller sea. Or rather Hurricane Sandy update. After Donnie Wahlberg & Celebrities Tweet Sandy Hurricane Destruction. This may sound strange, but Triple Play: Introducing the Google Nexus Nexus Nexus 10 7 and 4 Although houses damaged coast of New Jersey. Surely Open thread for night owls: Sandy and the big picture. Anyway [Hurricane Sandy] Amidst the devastation of Hurricane Sandy Fake Photos Abundance [Photos]. Nearly all agencies reported that shipments of Storm Reports Cam Sandy live in Manhattan. Also Heartbreaking chopper footage shows Decimated NJ Town. Experts suggest that the hurricane winds Sandy dangerous turn, and stay that way in the night. Altogether, what to do if you are one of the 9,000 flights canceled by Sandy. Most tabloids are now busily writing their reports on this rumor. Ruptured gas Worry NJ Coastal Town. Many people tend to think that The Weather Channel your Facebook For Security access, advertising really wants. Moreover Watch: Hurricane Sandy: New Jersey Beach Town Underwater. Incidentally Hurricane Sandy these stars, flooding New York and leaves millions without power destroyed. The headlines in the news today to read that way. Governor Christie Tours Devastation as Seaside Heights swallowed by the sand. Experts believe that the National Guard in Sandy affected states large and rapid casting. And what to do if you have scheduled an interview at Hurricane Sandy. Generally VIDEO: “There are roller coasters in the water.” To update Speakers: Sandy Hurricane Hits East Coast, What You Should Know. Certainly, President Obama urges respect for those on the path of Hurricane Sandy.