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Why Turkey bied’n great investment opportunities for you

nehavish Both Spain and Turkey's popular holiday destinations over the last few years with a wide variety of nations, both of them has experienced ...


Both Spain and Turkey’s popular holiday destinations over the last few years with a wide variety of nations, both of them has experienced foreign investment in the real estate market as investors who are looking vir’n high capital appreciation profit and return on investment, as the Euro-area crisis hit and the real estate market in Spain has crashed investors are asking “Turkey’s wise and safe Investment?”

we would like to discuss what Turkey has to offer with you in more detail:

1. Prices of Turkey is still low, with the city centre apartments for sale from just £32,000 and in the coastal resorts of £36,000, prices are kept low and offer great potential for investors away from all oor’n period of high prices of their European counterparts.

2. Capital growth in Turkey average of 10% per annum and is rising in the city thrive of Istanbul and in the majority of Coast places popular. Off-plan developments in Istanbul in the expected capital appreciation of 30-50% by the point of runoff.

3. The local authorities in Turkey have learned from European mistakes and they limited high-rise construction and the distance between the buildings in the coastal areas, the city planners in the metropolis of Istanbul is careful to include parks, green spaces, transport and facilities in their growing residential areas.

4. High demand in the local market, with Turkey one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the foreign property in the market is easily matched by the local, the demand in the market.

5. A healthy return on investments, with the majority of our property bied’n huge rental potential and many of our specialist property investment bied’n guaranteed rate of return of the rental. The average yield on the investment in Turkey is approximately 7% per year, in comparison with destinations in Europe that offer jou’n average of 3%.

6. Turkey is expected to continue to be one of the fastest growing economies amongst OECD members until 2017 with a predicted average annual growth of 6.7% while Spain can look forward to 0.3% growth in 2013 in comparison.

on And the place you choose for your investment property?

Baby Doe and The Great Gatsby


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Brittney Griner and The Great Gatsby


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Tiger Woods and Oz the Great and Powerful


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