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Younger Bae Convinces Donna to Take a Being pregnant Take a look at by Taking One With Her in This Black Ink Crew Spotlight

by Andrea Wurzburger 1/31/2018 Embedded from On this week’s episode of Black Ink...


Embedded from

On this week’s episode of Black Ink Crew, Younger Bae is satisfied that Donna’s experiencing a being pregnant glow, so she and Ted purchase her a complete bunch of being pregnant exams. At first she refuses to take them, however with come convincing and a promise from Bae that she’ll take one along with her, she lastly decides to pee on a stick.

And in the long run it’s really Bae who will get an surprising end result. Actually, Donna’s face says all of it:

Watch the clip above to see all of it unfold and be sure to tune in to Black Ink Crew on Wednesdays at 9/8c.

Donna and Chris Culliver Savattere


Dan Marino: a daughter of extramarital affair. On the other hand, 49ers’ Chris Culliver Statement: Anti-gay comments were a reflection of the thoughts … Likewise, Dan Marino Lovechild. What is interesting about 49ers Statement Culliver flap. Altogether, Dan Marino Lovechild: CBS Must Ban the Super Bowl analyst? Likewise Mercury News Editor: Chris Culliver is simply one of the players who deserve other 49ers … To summarize Niners’ Culliver apologizes for anti-gay remarks. So Dan Marino begotten A Love Child with a CBS Production Assistant. Strictly speaking, Donna Savattere: Dan Marinos married mistress also has a child. Put differently, the San Francisco 49ers player Chris Culliver says gay people unwanted by his team.

Frank Ocean and Donna Savattere


Grammys 2013: Frank Ocean, Alicia Keys, Maroon 5 added to the lineup. To be exact, Dan Marino: a daughter of extramarital affair. The rumors say that Frank Ocean A ‘Deep, touched, Wonderful Guy Is, “John Mayer says to Dan Marino Lovechild summarize It is a known fact that Dan Marino Lovechild:.. Must CBS Super Bowl analyst Ban According to several reports? Chris Brown Photo Posts Jesus. Primarily Frank Ocean wants Chris Brown pursues alleged incident. Simultaneously Chris Brown Frank Ocean innocence claims will fight, talk to cops! Surely Dan Marino begotten A Love Child with a CBS Production Assistant. triggered Even Brown Picture controversy , defended Lawrence Dior dress Split To put it differently Donna Savattere. has Dan Marino’s mistress is also married with one child.