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A Fully Ripped Brie Larson Destroys Some Pull-Ups: ‘Monday Motivation’

© Offered by TIME Inc. 9 months of coaching actually does some stuff to your physique ???????????? #mondaymotivationA put up shared by ...


© Offered by TIME Inc.

9 months of coaching actually does some stuff to your physique ???????????? #mondaymotivation

A put up shared by Brie (@brielarson) on Mar 26, 2018 at four:55am PDT

O Captain, our captain!

Brie Larson is at the moment filming Captain Marvel, the place she’ll be the primary girl to solo lead a Marvel film, and in preparation she’s turn into severely ripped, as she confirmed in a video posted to Instagram.

Within the video, the Academy Award-winning actress does 5 pull-ups and reveals off her insane again muscle tissue.

“9 months of coaching actually does some stuff to your physique,” Larson, 28, captioned the put up, together with some laughing emojis and “#mondaymotivation.”

She additionally shared a photograph from a day spent on the pool, along with her spectacular arm and again muscle tissue on show in a strappy swimsuit.

“ – she has the grace to think about her means into the minds of people that will not think about hers.” – #TheEmpathyExams by #LeslieJamison

A put up shared by Brie (@brielarson) on Mar 25, 2018 at 12:02pm PDT

Larson isn’t any stranger to coaching for a film. In 2016, she instructed PEOPLE that she gained a whopping 15 lbs. of muscle for her award-winning position in Room.

“I used to be capable of raise issues that I by no means felt in my life I’d have the ability to do,” she mentioned.

Larson would stand up early every day to energy prepare earlier than filming began.

“That grew to become such an enormous a part of the routine of constructing this film,” she mentioned. “Each different day, I labored with this unimaginable coach, and he or she would have me raise excessive weights over my head. Simply having that, having the ability to deadlift earlier than I went to work each morning, gave me this psychological change that I by no means had earlier than.”

The star additionally labored with nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia to make sure she was correctly fueling her physique to assist her exercises. Goglia instructed PEOPLE that he had Larson ingesting three to 4 liters of water a day, consuming frequent snacks and prioritizing fatty fish at dinner.

Brie Larson and Texas Rangers


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No Escape and Alison Brie


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Kristen Taekman and Alison Brie


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