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Tommy Robinson arrested outdoors baby grooming trial for ‘breaching the peace’

Tommy Robinson is on a suspended sentence for committing contempt of court docket (Image: PA)Tommy Robinson has been arrested outdoors a to...


Tommy Robinson arrested outside child grooming trial for 'breaching the peace'
Tommy Robinson is on a suspended sentence for committing contempt of court docket (Image: PA)

Tommy Robinson has been arrested outdoors a toddler grooming trial for allegedly breaching the peace.

The co-founder of EDL livestreamed ‘reviews’ from outdoors Leeds Crown Court docket for an hour this morning.

He confirmed males getting into the court docket on Fb till he was approached by officers telling him to cease.

In a separate video, the far-right activist is filmed being led away by police, arresting him for an alleged breach of the peace and incitement.

He’s heard asking one among his supporters: ‘Are you able to get me a solicitor?

‘That is ridiculous, I haven’t mentioned a phrase. I’ve achieved nothing.’

He’s then filmed asking the cops if he’s being arrested on ‘contempt of court docket’.



Earlier than he’s bundled into the van, he says: ‘Somebody laid their hand and assaulted me outdoors court docket.

Tommy Robinson during a demonstration by Britain First and EDL (English Defence League) protesters in London.
Tommy Robinson instructed police he was ‘reporting’ on the case (Image: PA)

‘Different individuals have sworn at me and threatened me about my mom and right here I’m being arrested for saying nothing.’

Robinson is already beneath a suspended sentence over contempt of court docket at a gang rape trial in Canterbury final yr.

Individuals or newspapers will be in ‘contempt of court docket’ once they create a ‘substantial danger’ of prejudicing on ongoing court docket case.

It’s a prison offence that may land individuals in jail.

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