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‘11.9’ Tagged Posts

Overview: Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ channels outrage in a messy however highly effective means

There’s already sufficient ache, anyway, in locations like Moore’s hometown of Flint, Mich., actually poisoned by a shady water-source swap, sign...


There’s already sufficient ache, anyway, in locations like Moore’s hometown of Flint, Mich., actually poisoned by a shady water-source swap, signed off by privatization-mad Gov. Rick Snyder, that overwhelmingly affected the depressed metropolis’s communities of colour. (In his blistering rundown of the disaster, Moore calls it an “ethnic cleaning.” He additionally faults former President Obama for flying in to fake-drink the water and again up town’s leaders.)

Joe Biden and 11.9 Timeline


An emotional Biden told Stephen Colbert he is sure that he used to be President. For this reason the oil is lower Goldman say $ 20 a barrel as possible. It’s incredible, but NY State OKs $ 15 minimum for fast food workers. Likewise, A King Kong vs. Godzilla Movie Mashup is in progress. Meanwhile, Joe Biden, in Colbert interview, Pray doubt for president. Namely chronology of Freeway Shootings in Phoenix. Short Roundup: Stephen Colbert booked Donald Trump, is Hilary Duff back, funny dog ​​has tennis fever. Or rather, Donald Trump lives we condensed in a simple infographic. One should also mention that Wednesday Morning Email: What’s next for Iran Deal. It’s amazing how for-profit universities the way to credit losses: report. Of course Joe Biden opened about faith and the loss of his son Beau with Stephen Colbert. Nearly all of the broadcasters report that it is to be performed in Italian Chinese medical team to the first title of the transplant. Anyway Christie, Fiorina Ask GOP Debate Cut. Short example, scientists discovered an ancient species, regarding humans. Incidentally Malala Call The Worlds response to the refugee crisis pathetic. So to say, the worst day of my life is now in the hottest tourist attraction in New York. So to speak, an illustrated timeline with Robert Downey Jr. and the development of his roles in the films. Incidentally, Stephen Colbert’s moving interview with the star. What other sensations happening this week? Kylie Jenner & amp; amp; amp; Tyga: A complete timeline of their relationship. Certainly VIDEO: Timeline flushing during the interview emotional “Late Show”. Indeed How long hand transgender. Meanwhile Morning Must Reads: September 11, many people were surprised by this news. Donald Trump 9/11 Problem: Hed rather than his hair that you think of defending the American deaths. Alternative Mild High Club Chat (Feat Ariel Pink & amp; amp; amp ;. Weyes blood) video. After the Mass Media Carly Fiorina made it to the main debate stage next week. What the critics have to say about this fact? Biden is not sure if he ‘there’ for a run. Certainly Hillary Clinton had the right to delete personal e-mails, says the American judiciary.