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PGA Tour and Michael Ansara

Woods takes command after flirting with 59 What is more interesting, "Star Trek" faithful Michael Ansara dies at 91 What's wrong with this shocking ru...

Woods takes command after flirting with 59 What is more interesting, “Star Trek” faithful Michael Ansara dies at 91 What’s wrong with this shocking rumors! Tiger falls just shy of making history. Although Tiger Woods shoots 61 brilliant, manages nearly 59 In general, the actor who plays the original Klingon has Died. Similarly, Michael have a new application for golf, and it is great except for one thing. Just a good day to die. In any case, golf. Then Michael Ansara, television and film actor, dies. Namely Michael Ansara, one of the famous Star Trek Villain, has died aged 91 However, actor Michael Ansara who played the Klingon in the television series “Star Trek”, dies at 91

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