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Kevin Durant and Sergio Garcia

Kevin Durant has $ 1 million to the Red Cross for tornado relief. In fact, Sergio Garcia sorry, "fried chicken" taunt Tiger Woods caught a Spaniard ....

Kevin Durant has $ 1 million to the Red Cross for tornado relief. In fact, Sergio Garcia sorry, “fried chicken” taunt Tiger Woods caught a Spaniard … In other words, Garcia spat, Woods makes ugly. It sounds grim, but tornado classified on the upper end of the scale, NBA star Durant Pledge $ 1 million. According to several reports, Oklahoma City Thunder star Garcia shows tornado victims. Certainly Sergio Garcia: There’s no way I apologize tiger. One can not deny that Garcia drops ‘racist’ comments. In any case, “The Voice” judge Blake Shelton Planning All-Star Oklahoma Tornado Benefit. What is more interesting, Kevin Durant Back Tattoo Typo Can Do. As one source said, there is a misspelled word in the Giant Mountains Back Sergio tattoo. What the critics say about this fact? Matt Kemp donates $ 250,000 Relief Effort in Oklahoma. It is confirmed that Russell Westbrook Cute 3-year-old tornado victim visited the hospital, makes his day. A reliable source says: He who gives the OK Tornadoes: Obama or Sergio? Then Sergio Garcia was in the middle of a race storm after an offensive … And now more good points about this event … Garcia Woods apologizes for comment.

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